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The Jury of the Contest will be comprised of professional artists and art experts and personalities in the field of arts and crafts, representatives from the participating countries. The final list of judges will be available on the Contest Website no later than November, 30th, 2018.
The Chairperson is Vladimir Viktorovich Zorin

The chairman and the member of "Union of Russian Artists", Honored Artist of the Republic of Karelia. He works in the field of land art, the modern object, creats unique works using birch bark.
Yana Permyakova

The member of "Union Designers of Russia", the art director of Interior Design Center, the member of the Council for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises under the Government of the Republic of Karelia and the Design School teacher in the direction of “Environment design”.
Andrey Korolchuk

Andrey Aleksandrovich Korolchuk is member of the graphics section of St. Petersburg
"Union of Russian Artists"(since 1992), Member of the Board (since 2016); one of the initiators St. Petersburg Society of Watercolourists (since 1997); awarded the Medal of the Society "For the Development of the Art of Watercolor" (2001); awarded the State Scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation (1995); assistant professor of the Drawing Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Russian State Pedagogical University. A.I. Herzen.

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